Francesca Fortunato, Director


Living Legends Radio Theatre is a group of New York actors who have dedicated themselves to re-creating the magic of the Golden Age of Radio. They do this by giving live performances (in clubs, cabarets, libraries, theatres and community centers) that replicate the experience of a genuine studio performance of an Old-Time Radio Show. The actors dress like...actors (circa 1940) and stand at mics with scripts in hand. Sound effects are created in full view of the audience and are very much part of the show. They also include authentic commercials from the period.

Although Living Legends shows have great appeal for seniors (who can remember when the original shows were on the air) they have been successfully performed for mixed-age audiences, garnering a new generation of fans for such stars as Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Fred Allen and Mel Blanc. (The actors themselves are all 30-somethings and 40-somethings who discovered the great radio programs "second hand" on tapes!)

The company is enthusiastic about bringing their shows to places that are underserved in terms of entertainment, including senior centers, senior residences, hospitals and small-town performance spaces. They will happily travel to bookings within the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area.

So...the next time you're looking for some good old-fashioned laughter, music, mystery, mayhem or just plain Living Legends Radio Theatre!

Francesca Fortunato - Director

Carl Fortunato - Musical Director

(212) 560-2585

P.S. We can do almost any show you ask for. Just give us time to get the script and rehearse it!